Frequently Asked Questions

Moving Questions?  We have the answers!


Do you protect my furniture when you move it?

Our Boundless Moving & Storage Movers will protect your furniture with our heavy-duty storage blankets prior to transportation. We also carry shrink-wrap and triple-ply moving pads if your items need an extra layer of protection.

What happens if my items are damaged during the move?

We are federally mandated to pay $.60 per pound for any “damaged” item. We do reserve the right to fix any item, or replace any item if it’s not able to be fixed. We also offer additional coverage for your protection. Just ask your moving specialist about the specific fees.

What happens if my home is damaged during the move?

We will fix any cosmetic damage to walls, floors, and ceiling. Structural damage, if not easily fixed, will be subcontracted out through our insurance agent or a settlement will be arranged.

Do you move in the rain/snow? If so, how do you protect my belongings?

Yes, we move in all “non-severe” weather conditions. All items will be covered by storage pads or shrink wrap as they exit your home, and wiped dry as they enter the truck or your new home.

Do you protect my hardwood floors, carpet, or tile?

Over professionally trained movers really, really care. We will protect all your hardwood and tile floors when we get to your home. At no extra cost. If you need a full carpet shield, we offer that for a small fee. Our goal is to make your move stress free. Your home is safe with us.

What size are your trucks?

Each of our clean, state-of-the-art trucks is a 26’ box length.

What happens if all my items don’t fit on one truck?

Our trained agents will determine how many trucks your move will require. If we need to bring more trucks on your move day, there will be no extra charge.

Will I be charged another travel fee if you have to make two trips?

No. We only charge one upfront, flat-rate travel fee.

Do you provide fixed rate quotes?

Yes. If you have a larger home, or have large or difficult items to move, we would be happy to provide a fixed rate quote based on a detailed list of items. Call us today to get a Free, No-obligation quote.

Can you move plants?

Plants can be tricky to move so we recommend you move them ahead of time so they don’t get damaged.

Can you move boxes with no lids on them?

All boxes need to be covered. If no cover is available, we ask that you re-pack, or allow our professionally trained movers apply shrink-wrap for a small charge.

Do you hire day laborers or have your own employees?

Boundless Moving & Storage uses only our own, thoroughly trained and certified employees. Our movers are awesome. Because we are community minded, over 75% of our movers are Veterans or Firefighters – folks who are polite and conscientious by nature.

Are you licensed, insured?

All Boundless Moving & Storage locations are fully insured and licensed to provide you worry-free service. All our employees are trained to make your day stress free and easy. We believe in fun!

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards, cash, and may also accept checks upon approval.

Do you move pianos?

Boundless Moving & Storage moves upright or console pianos. Grand and Baby Grand pianos may be moved but we need to come and give you an on-sight estimate to make sure we can keep your piano safe and secure during the move.

Will disassemble and reassemble my bed?

Our professionally trained movers will disassemble and reassemble all standard beds. Custom made beds or baby cribs will need to be disassembled before we arrive, and we will move them with care to your new home.

Do you provide any special Senior Citizen services?

We have developed a specific Senior Moving Program that all folks over 65 are eligible. You will be assigned a Dedicated Senior Move Manager who will walk you through the program and explain the many benefits. Be sure to check out our Senior Moves page on our website or call our office at (423) 763 – 1000.

What don’t you move?

Here is a list of things that we do not usually move for you. However, please call our office at (423) 763 – 1000 to discuss your specific moving needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Grand/Baby Grand Pianos – we do have relationships with Piano Moving Companies and will be happy to coordinate
  • Extremely heavy items, i.e. 800 pound safe
  • Extremely valuable items such as jewelry, paintings and artwork, chandeliers, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages and most liquids
  • Firearms, ammunition
  • Combustible items
  • Appliance connected to, or containing gas, propane, etc.
  • Automobiles
  • Pets, animals, livestock, etc.