Senior Moving Service

Moving is hard on everyone, but it’s especially challenging as we get older. If you need moving assistance, Boundless Moving & Storage’s Senior Moving program is here to help.

Maybe you’re moving across the country, maybe you’re downsizing, or maybe you’re just moving across town to be closer to family. Either way, as we get older it becomes more difficult for us to lift, move, and pack things safely.  If you’re moving for retirement, assisted living, or a retirement community our Senior Move Manager is here to help.

Boundless Senior Moving Services

We Make Senior Moving Easy & Affordable

We will help you “design” your move, and help manage any other services you may need.

  • Donation Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Help take measurements and set up at new residence
  • Dedicated Senior Move Manager
  • Parents Moving Service
  • “Right-Sizing” Assistance

Many Senior Moves Involve Downsizing

With our Specialized Senior Move Services we can help you make those tough decisions about what to keep – and what to let go. We’ll even show you how to sell or donate those items you no longer need.

Elderly Moving Assistance

We’ll take care of every detail, from safely crating your priceless antique hutch and shipping it to a family member across the country, to triple-wrapping and transporting furniture, or those special sentimental items to your new residence.

Senior Moving Has Never Been So Easy

We’ll take care of it all so you don’t have to be around on moving day! In fact, take a vacation. We’ve had clients take weekend trips while we packed, moved, unpacked and set up their home—they returned to find their brand new residence unpacked exactly the way they wanted.

We aren’t just senior move managers and senior movers. We’re your advocate, confidant and friend through this transition. Above all, we’re here to help you with the physical and emotional demands of moving later in life.

Whether you need to move one or fifty items, our Senior Moving Program can get it there safely. If you have furniture or any treasured items that you need moved anywhere in the country, click the Free Quote button.

Moving Your Parents

We Provide Support and Guidance

We understand how difficult it is for you to take care of Mom and Dad while trying to take care of yourself. You might live far away, work long hours, or have your own family to look after.

We also understand how overwhelming moving can be for seniors. Senior moves aren’t easy to coordinate if you live far away or work full time, so if moving elderly parents is on your to-do list, our Dedicated Senior Manager will guide you through the rightsizing and senior relocation process.

If you’re faced with the difficult task of moving elderly parents to assisted living, a retirement facility, or other senior care community, we’re here to help.

We’ll handle everything senior move related in order to ease your family’s stress during this emotional time.

We understand that moving at any age can be a stressful time. This is why Boundless Moving & Storage has put together a comprehensive Senior Relocation Program. This program is for families who are busy and cannot assist their loved ones with their move, or for those who cannot move themselves.

Our Senior Moving Manager will help measure furniture or call in a handy man if needed to get ready for the move. We’ll also help decide what to keep or donate from a cost-effective standpoint. Our moving crews can help pack, move, store, and unpack whatever is needed. We can also arrange to have pictures hung; televisions/computers set up and plugged in. We know every move is unique and if you need to request other services please call.

Our Mission Is To Make Every Senior Move Easy

As the Rightsizing and Senior Relocation Experts we can take care of every detail, large or small, with our wide range of Senior Moving Services.  You can enjoy your new home while we take care of the move for you!

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Chattanooga Moving Company

Our staff is ready to help with:

  • Arranging physical moving of items locally and nationwide
  • Creating a floor plan for the new residence to visualize how furniture will fit.
  • De-cluttering and deciding which items to keep, sell or give away
  • Packing and unpacking

If you have a question, or need for rightsizing and senior relocation, just ask and we probably have a solution. Whether you need to move one or an entire home, Boundless Moving & Storage Senior Moving Program can get it there safely.

If you have furniture or any treasured items that you need moved anywhere in the country, simply fill out our quote and we will get back with you promptly.

Many senior moves involve rightsizing and our Dedicated Senior Moves Manger can help you right-size comfortably. Leave the hard work to our staff and our Dedicated Senior Moves Manager who will help you right-size easily, efficiently, and effectively.

Senior Relocation Program:

  • Develop an overall move plan.
  • Organize, sort and “right size”.
  • Customize floor plans for your new home.
  • Provide professional packing service.
  • Move and unpack your items in your new home.
  • Arrange for storage, if necessary.
  • Oversee the profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale, buy-out, consignment, donation, or a combination of methods.
  • Arrange for any related services including cleaning and removal of unwanted items.

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