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Local moving can be hard enough. However, the stress can be exponential when you’re planning to move out of state. At Boundless Moving, we take pride in providing a premium moving experience nationwide, whether it’s within the state of Tennessee or if it’s a cross-country move. As a long distance moving company, we are well-experienced in professional out of state moving services for moving anywhere within the United States.
When you choose to move with Boundless Moving, there are no limits. That’s why our company’s motto is: “Service Without Limits.” If you want to move a long distance, we’re going to be there to ensure a smooth transition for you.
We not only have set high standards for our movers, but we also make an effort to ensure that we use the most modern and latest equipment. Additionally, our expert loaders will make sure you have the best choice of trucks for transporting your furniture and belongings in a long-distance move. Our fleet of moving trucks are regularly cleaned, maintenance checked, and are always ready to roll. The best part about our moving trucks? We never charge you for gas or mileage. We’re here to make your long distance move stress free and cost-efficient, so you never need to worry about additional fees. Additionally, for the protection of your possessions, we stock our moving trucks full of any additional materials you may need for a safe move, including pads, dollies, tapes, cartons, and tie-downs.
Boundless Moving Long Distance Moving Company

Why Choose Boundless Moving for your long-distance move?

1. Cost Savings

Other moving companies may charge unexpected or random fees. With us, you don’t need to worry about anything of the sort! We will give you a no-obligation upfront estimate for the job free of cost. That’s right: no hidden fees, fine print tricks, or add-on charges. We strive to be the best long distance moving company, and to do so, we’ve made everything from pricing to scheduling as simple and upfront as possible.

2. We Never Outsource Work

We ensure you only work with our very own professionally trained movers and never any hired labor. Boundless Moving takes the time to hand select and train our moving crew members, so that they know exactly what to do during each move – local or long distance. For your specific move, you’ll have a fixed crew to help you through the entire process – from the initial packing to setting up your belongings and furniture at your final destination. This way, you can rest assured all your belongings will stay in the same hands for a safe and secure move.

3. No Consolidated Trucks

We will never share the truck allotted to you with anyone else when moving. Period. Your specific moving truck will be packed with your belongings and any additional moving materials we may need when unloading and unpacking. We promise that all of your belongings are in great hands with Boundless Moving – from start to finish.

That’s why Boundless Moving is the long-distance moving company of choice for Chattanooga and the areas around it. If you’re looking to move, whether it be locally or long distance, give us a call! We’ll make your relocation process smooth, stress free, and cost-efficient. We can’t wait to meet you. Contact us today at (423) 763-1000!

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