3 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company

Let’s face it. Moving is hard. And there are a ton of reasons to hire a moving company. Nearly everyone has been roped into helping friends or family move at least once and has vivid memories of the couch that nearly broke Uncle Herb’s back, the box of china that your best friend dropped and shattered, or trying to pass through a small doorway with a refrigerator you swear had to be assembled inside the kitchen. It likely took all day, multiple trips, and it seemed to never end. When you finally had all your items in your new place, you searched through various rooms to find the hardware to reassemble the beds so you could just go to sleep.

Avoid the hassle and hire a moving company. Here’s why.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Moving Company

1. Experience

Their experience improves your move.

Movers move every day. They encounter all types of houses, apartments, and offices. They’ve also handled all types of furniture, safes, pianos, tools, and tool chests. They’ve done moves with no stairs, multiple flights of stairs, wide hallways, and narrow hallways. Movers move in all types of weather and know how to adjust to make sure they load and unload your items intact. Whatever your move entails, it is likely your movers have seen it before. For that reason, they just might wow you by doing something that seems impossible.

2. Equipment

They provide the equipment.

We’ve all known someone who ordered too many packing supplies – or too few. Professional movers have specialized equipment they use to move all types of items. They have tools for disassembling and reassembling items like beds or removing and replacing dresser mirrors. Your movers will have protective blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and cardboard to protect your items throughout your move. You don’t have to bring a thing!

3. Efficiency

Your move will be efficient.

Practice makes perfect. Movers take pride in providing a seamless moving experience to their customers. They strive to work quickly and safely, so you can get settled into your new space as soon as possible.

Professional movers will make your move day virtually effortless. When we last moved, I had one job: to tell our movers where to place items when we arrived at the new home. That’s it. They took care of everything else.

There is a time and place where do-it-yourself projects make sense. We have all had a small home repair we tackled ourselves and after several hours and 6 trips to the hardware store said to ourselves, “Never again.” No matter the size of your move or the distance to your new home, hiring professional movers saves you time, energy, and aggravation.

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