Moving Soon? Key Moving Tasks to Do Right Away

Moving soon? Once you make that decision, there are a lot of key factors, decisions, planning and execution that need to happen to make your move a success. Here are some quick tips to help in that process. These are your key moving tasks to do right away. Make sure you’re ready to take them on when it’s time.

Timeline of Key Moving Tasks to Do Right Away

6-8 Weeks Out: Organization is Key

Make sure you have a central location or folder that keeps all your important documents for the move, including:

  • Moving quotes
  • Cleaning service information
  • Utilities disconnections and reconnections
  • Internet providers
  • Other 3rd party vendors that you may use to help with internet/utility connections at the old and new homes

Print out a moving checklist online at that can help guide you in your planning and moving process.

Also, if you plan on using a moving company, call and ask for a free, in-home estimate for your upcoming move. Many moving companies are scheduled 2 weeks to one month out so getting them out to give you an estimate with plenty of time to spare is a key part of the process.

5 Weeks Out: Inventory

You’ll need to take an inventory of all your belongings and separate into 3 categories – Keep, Donate and Discard. If you’ve been in a home for several years there are items in the attic, crawl space and garage that you haven’t seen since you moved into the home. Many of these items don’t need to go to your new home and can be donated to a local nonprofit, given to neighbors, or just discarded.

4 Weeks Out: Supply & Plan

Purchase packing supplies and make a plan to start packing in each room of your home. Successful moves happen when the packing starts a month before the actual move.

3 Weeks Out: Pack, Pack, Pack!

Start with things you don’t need on a daily basis… like the attic, closets, the garage, etc. Label all boxes with where you want them to be unloaded at the final destination!

2 Weeks Out: Schedule Utilities

Make sure utilities disconnections/connections are scheduled. Then get going on packing the items you use relatively frequently. And if you haven’t yet, print out our moving checklist at which will help direct your organization of the move.

1 Week Out: Final Packing Push

Also, fill a plastic bin with anything you may need for the first night or two in your new home.  Things like bedding, toiletries, toilet paper, tools, cleaning supplies, etc. With your overnight bag and this plastic bin full of necessities you will have the things you need while you are unpacking boxes and arranging everything in your wonderful, new home!

Moving Day

You’re ready to move! Sit back and let Boundless do the heavy lifting.

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