How to Prep for Your Move Like a Pro

You never realize how much stuff you have until you need to move. Whether you’re a sentimental saver, collector of random things that might come in handy, or someone who “purges” items regularly, I guarantee you will ask yourself, “Why do I even keep this?” or “Where did this all come from?” at least once during the process. How do you tackle the task with the least stress? Read on to learn how to prep for your move like a pro …

How to Prep for Your Move Like a Pro

1. Decide What to Bring

First things first, decide what you are moving. Do this as early as possible when you know you will be moving. As you go through your home, room by room, separate items into three categories: Keep, Sell, and Donate. Each category will have a section of its own during your move preparations. “Keep” items will stay in place for the moment. Items to be sold can be either placed in another area of your home or left in place until sold before move day.

Decide what to do with items that do not sell in advance of your move. Do you take them with you, or do you donate them? Knowing your answer to this ahead of move day helps you plan. The easiest way to handle the “Donate” category items is to remove them, or place in an out of the way area in your home until you donate them. Depending on how much is to be donated and the size of the items, you can do this gradually in the days leading up to your move.

2. Stay Organized

Once you have decided what you are moving and removed items you will not be moving, prepare to pack. Tackle the prep and pack on a room-by-room basis, like you did when deciding what to move. Pack anything you can do without until the day of move. This is easy to do- most items you use on a seasonal basis, or for special occasions are either in a closet or in a tote already. This is a great starting point. Next, think of the items in a China cabinet, entertainment center, holiday decorations, extra bedding, towels, and linens. Clear shelves of books or decorations. Label boxes with the room name and the contents on the side and top of each box. (See our upcoming blog to learn how to Pack like a Pro.)

3. Ask for Help Packing

If the idea of packing everything in your home, especially fragile items, large items, specialty items, the contents of your garage, all your pictures hanging or on display overwhelms you, ask your moving company about their packing services. Boundless offers full or partial packing and unpacking services for any moving client. Simply put, we can tailor our packing services to your needs and budget.

4. Keep Essentials Close at Hand

Move day approaches quickly. It is a busy day. We highly recommend packing a “First night” box or even suitcase for each person in the home, with everything that person will need until you are all settled into your new home.

We are licensed, insured, and experienced. As for reputation, ask your friends and family, or check out our reviews. Whether your move is in our immediate area, across the country, or somewhere in between, Boundless can help. We provide all clients with complete estimates based on in-person, video, or even over-the-phone contact. Each client receives emails and move reminders and has their own customer portal accessible 24 hours a day. For that reason, choose Boundless Moving & Storage for Service Without Limits.

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