Choosing the Right Moving Company

So, you’re moving, And, you’ve decided to hire a moving company for your move. That’s great! You’ll save time, energy, and make your move a lot easier. However, you’re confronted with a long list of potential moving companies. Where do you begin? How do you go about choosing the right moving company? Let’s tackle that question.

Choosing the Right Moving Company (and why that’s Boundless)

1. Call a Friend

First, friends and family in the area are a great source of information. Ask who moved them, and how their experience was. For one thing, your friends and family will not refer you to a company who mishandled their items, had hidden charges, or was otherwise disappointing.

2. Read Reviews

Another way to find reputable moving companies is by reading through Google reviews on companies that service your area. Google can be your primary source of good info.

3. Require License & Insurance

Once you find a few candidates, make sure they are licensed and insured. They should be able to provide you with proof of this information. If a company you contact evades providing you with this information, do not use them.

4. Make Sure They Offer What You Need

Every move is different, and not all companies handle all kinds of moves. Be sure companies you speak with in your search provide the type of service you need. Some companies only move within a 200-mile radius and others only move across long distances. Some companies also offer packing services when moving and others do not offer it at all. Additionally, some companies only handle large moves, and others only handle moves up to a certain amount. Once you find a reputable, licensed, and insured company that provides the level of service you need for your move, have them provide you with an estimate.

5. Don’t Choose Without an Estimate

Reputable movers provide detailed estimates. These can come in the form of hourly estimates or guaranteed quotes. Another type of quote is “not to exceed”, which means the move will not exceed a certain dollar amount and could be less. Every company has its own way of quoting jobs, so be sure you are provided a written estimate.

6. Ask Questions

Finally, you will have questions. Trustworthy companies will take the time to answer questions you have, so you are completely comfortable with your choice from beginning to end. Once you settle on a moving company, you should receive confirmation and communication regarding your upcoming move.

Boundless Moving and Storage Meets all These Criteria & More

We are licensed, insured, and experienced. As for reputation, ask your friends and family, or check out our reviews. Whether your move is in our immediate area, across the country, or somewhere in between, Boundless can help. We provide all clients with complete estimates based on in-person, video, or even over-the-phone contact. Each client receives emails and move reminders and has their own customer portal accessible 24 hours a day. For that reason, choose Boundless Moving & Storage for Service Without Limits.

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